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About us - quality comes first

Search the world of LGBTQ books and, more often than not, you are going to find bad writing and predictable stories, too many victims & stereotyped characters.
Here at LGBTQ Publishing we aim to change that.
We strive to bring you quality fiction; romance, humour, drama... but with LGBTQ protagonists and/or written by LGBTQ authors.

PLUS our books are aimed at all readers. Not just LGBTQ readers but EVERYONE.

You want quality? You got it!

  • Readers

    "We are readers first and foremost. We love books, we love reading! So if we publish a book, or review a book, or whatever, it's because we have read it..."

  • Authors

    "Authors can contact us direct. In fact, WE WANT AUTHORS to contact us because we want to publish your work..."

  • Agents

    "Literary agents are NOT welcome! Agents have placed themselves between authors and publishers, and now - with a few notable exceptions - they act as the pompous gate-keepers of good reading. We are here to help change that..."

  • Publishers

    "Old fashion publishing is dying a slow death. The great news for authors (and readers) is that there are now new and better ways of doing things..."

Our books

We are only new. Sorry. So that means we are starting off by linking to the BEST LGBTQ books already out there. As time goes by, we hope to fill this list with YOUR books. But for now, to get an idea of the kind of thing WE LOVE, why not take a look at some of the following and maybe even buy one or two of them and have a good read.

PLUS These are 'must read' books for EVERYONE, whether you are LGBTQ or not.

(Authors please note: This is the kind of stuff we want more of!)

News and views

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